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Hey - I'm Ryan. I help entrepreneurs get their tax bill to zero.


I've had three passions since I was a kid: learning languages, fast cars, and competing in the greatest sport on the planet: business.


I grew up in a big Italian family full of business owners. Business was the topic of every dinner and I learned quickly that accounting was the "language of small business."


All of your time, effort, and risk-taking to earn profits ended up on a tax return at year end. Ignore accounting? Do so at your own peril.


When I ran my own side hustles, I dove deep into the American tax code. I wanted to find every write off, deduction, and wealth building strategy I could so I kept the money I traded my time for. 

Pretty soon my friends realized I was sort of weird and actually enjoyed preparing taxes...but could I help prepare theirs?


Word spread and my tax and accounting business grew organically.


Now, I'm blessed to help entrepreneurs and employees build wealth while they create value for society.


I can't think of a more critical role to play in someone's life than making sure they keep the money they sacrificed their time and labor to earn.


All these years later and I'm still a tax nerd at heart.

Three more ways I can help YOU. 


Tax Consulting & Filings

  • 24/7 strategy and consultations
  • Tax filings to help you keep more of what you earn
  • Pricing is $1500 to start, and $500 monthly.  




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Reclaiming Tax Refunds

  • Clients get tax refund checks from their previous years of tax filings. 
  • Free review and consultation.
  • Pricing is 10% of total refund as a deposit before we file the amended returns, and then 10% of the refund checks when they’re issued.




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Employee Retention Credit

  • Confirm Eligibility for ERC
  • Full service calculations and document preparation
  • Audit protection
  • Advanced funding against ERC amounts available
  • Standard pricing is a $1500 refundable deposit that goes towards a 20% fee of total ERC refunds after you’ve received and cashed the checks.
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